Achieve Pareto Principle in secure code review, or die trying @ EndSummerCamp2020

No doubt that 2020 has been a weird year. I don’t want to talk or to comment what happened to health structures, jobs , companies, and the whole economy, nor I want to “predict” what will happen in the next months.

What I want to do is to point out what also happened to conferences: almost every con has been delayed from spring/summer to fall, then winter, then dropped or moved to a virtual one.

EndSummerCamp choosed to resist and to have a “blended edition”: a limited number of people, done with due to anti-covid regulations, attended physically when a broader public attended to the virtual event.

As a “veteran” (my oldest t-shirt dates I think 2007 and I already had 3 talk for ESC) I thought I must accept the challenge and do play my part filling a slot.

The talk I prepared, respecting the 22minutes time limit, was a rush on secure code review.
I tried to get the people in the mood when doing code audit, because it could/will be very stressfull, and passed some lesson learned from my very own experience.

You can find the slides online here. I’m not sure they can talk themself enough, you can just take the mindmap and get over the rest if you prefer.

I think I’ll try to set up a regular talk, or maybe a full workshop, for EndSummerCamp2021 and hoply I’ll have something more to talk about next year.

There was be no beer with friends, no late night hacking sessions, no camping, and I think I also missed early morning wake up with Enter the Ninja.

ESC has been a thing even in 2020, and I’m proud to have played my part.

Thanks to ORGA!